My New Love … Tea

Give me my Diet Pepsi…that was my drink of choice.  I don’t care for coffee and I didn’t try tea…until MD Anderson and every cancer prevention book I picked up said Green Tea is good for you.  I ventured out, I thought the Lipton instant tea bags were it…then my friend Tara got a hold of me.

Just Call Me Ray - TeaShe is a teaholic, but that’s a good thing, she got me hooked on loose leaf tea in every flavor imaginable, you can spend a lot or a little, but it is so fun to discover a new favorite flavor each week!  On cold days I enjoy cups of hot tea and for the summer months I can drink some versions cold, over ice.  Recently I discovered another friend who had a love for tea and she started selling it and it is FANTASTIC…you can give it a try (my favorite so far Warming Walnut Green)…and if you are out and about go to Tevana, you can try all kinds.  Now I know I’m really behind about the tea world, so if you have a favorite or a secret tea please share for us all to enjoy!


  1. Nina has been trying to get you to drink green tea for years. We stopped by a little tea joint in China Town while visiting San Francisco and we were turned on to Angel Tea by an old Chinese guy who looked to be a couple hundred years old, it’s healing propeties are amazing!!! Nina is also a big fan of essiac tea.

    I think I will make a cup right now!!!

  2. marcy huxel :

    the only tea i can drink is arizona green tea with ginseng i can not stomach the other teas never could sorry

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