My New Love … Tea

Give me my Diet Pepsi…that was my drink of choice.  I don’t care for coffee and I didn’t try tea…until MD Anderson and every cancer prevention book I picked up said Green Tea is good for you.  I ventured out, I thought the Lipton instant tea bags were it…then my friend Tara got a hold of me.Continue reading

Brussel Sprouts Spin-Off

Even while typing this it is still hard for me to believe, I have lost 82 pounds since my second cancer diagnosis last June. I joke around saying I’m like Oprah, just without the money.  I have struggled with weight my whole life, but, for the first time in my whole life, the weight has fallen off of me. My doctors at MD Anderson told me I needed to change my lifestyle, otherwise I would not be around to see my children grow up! REALITY check….again, 2 choices, feel sorry for myself, or do something about it??? I chose number 2.Continue reading