Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams was 49 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 19, 2010. With no family history and a good mammogram in 2009, Lisa had a hard time absorbing the thought of stage 3 breast cancer. With the support and encouragement of Lisa’s family and friends, she decided early on to remain positive and focus on living her life as normal as possible.Continue reading

El-Mo and Ray

I’d like to introduce you to the bravest woman I know…Raylene Hollrah. Raylene has battled through more in the last 6 year than most people will go through in a lifetime but has remained positive, hopeful and ready to encourage and inspire anyone she meets. Her amazing story needs to be shared. It will give some people hope, it will bring awareness to others, it will provide a new avenue for her worthy cause. She is a survivor, a leader, a wife, a mother and a hero- I’m honored to call her my friend.Continue reading

Sherry Kellogg

Raylene Hollrah and Sherry Kellogg share a similar story.  Both are breast cancer survivors and were diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma caused by implants.  Each wants to raise awareness regarding breast cancer and give  a message of hope.Continue reading