No Cost Donation

I recognize that there are those who are financially struggling but have a sincere heart to donate to this cause.  I would still like to your help and there are several ways to do that.

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    • I am currently in the process of setting up our Social Media Outlets.  Please use the short form below so I know when to contact you when they are finished.  This is the fastest way to spread the word about our cause and our efforts of awareness.
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  2. Share on Social Media
    • Everytime you share a page from our site on Social Media we reach more people.  My goal is to spread the awareness of the dangers of breast implants and to provide support and hope to the lives and families that have been affected.
    • Please use the links on each page to share this information with friends and family and help stop the spread of cancer in our society.
  3. Share your own story
    • I am not alone in my story of cancer survival.  If you have a story about yourself or a loved one, I would love to share it with others.  Your story may be the one that inspires hope in others.  Please share it with the world and let them know they are not alone too.
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