Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams was 49 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 19, 2010. With no family history and a good mammogram in 2009, Lisa had a hard time absorbing the thought of stage 3 breast cancer. With the support and encouragement of Lisa’s family and friends, she decided early on to remain positive and focus on living her life as normal as possible.
Lisa Adams“I don’t think we ever changed anything we did. We just went about our lives as best we could,” says Lisa. “We had plans to vacation in Mexico and were due to leave four days after the diagnosis,” says Mark, Lisa’s husband of eight years. “I wanted to cancel the trip, but Lisa would have no part of that. We agreed that we were going to take the trip and have the time of our lives … and we did. We have learned many things through this journey, but one of the best lessons was how to make every day count,” says Mark. “After the diagnosis, there was no question as to where I would go for care,” says Lisa. “I wanted to come to Heartland because I knew I would be among friends. From the beginning, the physicians and nursing staff said that they were going to be my team, they were going to be there for me … and they always were. I trusted my physicians to make the best decisions for me and I would not trade my team for anything!

It is because of that great care that I have been cancer free for almost two years.” Lisa has advice for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. “Take it one day at a time. Find your inner strength, courage and faith to get through. If you look too far ahead, you might get overwhelmed. Ask yourself: What makes me feel nurtured and encouraged? Do whatever possible to make YOU feel special, because you are. Be patient, learn to wait, take a drive, breathe in that fresh air — life. If you have something to look forward to … if you have love in your life, it will help pull you through. Never forget, you’re not alone.”

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