What Your Plastic Surgeon Will Likely Not Tell You

The warning by the FDA came out January 26th, 2011, I got my implants in 2008. But why is it when you have a recall on a vehicle you receive several notices in the mail, sometimes even a phone call, yet I had something in my body that is linked to cancer and I had no idea!

Just Call Me Ray - Raylene Hollrah - Early Breast Cancer DetectiI have hounded the FDA and their stance is they regulate medical devices, they don’t regulate doctors, even though there have been reported cases; it is not enough to recall. Yet, since my diagnosis I have met hundreds of women with implants and not one of them knew about ALCL either. Several recent survivors with implants just like mine went back to their doctor; some of the doctors knew about it, others did not. My whole medical staff, except for my plastic surgeon, had never heard of it either.

So where do we go from here, how do we get the word out? My stance is a positive one, I don’t want to scare anyone, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Educate yourself, educate your medical team and spread the word. I have links from the FDA warning to the Lymphoma.org and focusonalcl.org.

If you have implants don’t go running to get them out, just make an appointment with your doctor and review the risk factors and symptoms.