Just Call Me Ray Site IconIn 2013, Raylene Hollrah was diagnosed with cancer for the second time by the age of 40. Just six years earlier she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She quickly learned that her second diagnosis was caused by the breast implants used in her reconstructive surgery. Determined to bring awareness of the dangers of breast implants, Raylene started the Just Call Me Ray organization in the fall of 2013.

100% of proceeds Just Call Me Ray receives are used to pay it forward and is set up with 3 platforms to help others.

1 – Funding for breast cancer awareness; help cover the cost of mammograms for those  without sufficient insurance coverage.

2 – Funding and education for Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, a cancer linked to breast implants.

3 – Helping people rise up through their cancer battles.

For more information on where Just Call Me Ray funds go, click here.