FDA Announcement has been made in regard to the protections of women’s health and help to ensure the safety of breast implants. Although due to legislative blocks they are not allowed to actually ban textured implants (which we will continue to explore and dig in). Although we are disappointed in that, we do see this as progress as they did listen to many of our “calls to action” for BIA-ALCL. They are committing to better registry, better patient engagement and marketing engagement, education for pathologists and medical disciplinarians, an ingredient list…… etc

Our work is NOT done, and we are committed to moving forward with our advocacy to ensure accountability.

We are still being contacted by symptomatic women, so we are not wanting this to bring us down. We have to continue to educate, meet with media and more awareness with every opportunity possible.

We are in the process of investigating the legitimacy of the legislative block and more to come. 

To be continued…

Raylene Hollrah, Terri McGregor, Jamee Bramlett Cook, and Michelle Forney

March 2019 FDA Hearing group

To read the complete FDA Announcement, click here.

Read my message to the FDA, click here. Learn more about BIA-ALCL, visit biaalcl.com

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