Stay Strong!

A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming, but women need to know they are not alone. Whether you or someone you know needs help or more information, we can help. Just Call Me Ray offers you not only resources for more information about BIA-ALCL but also support. It’s through Just Call Me Ray that Raylene Hollrah has been able to meet and become “breast” friends with several passionate woman who are fighting to end this man-made cancer. Learn more about these women in Meet the Stats.

When Raylene was diagnosed with BIA-ALCL she was the 25th documented case in the United States, number 61 in the world.  There wasn’t a lot of information about this cancer out there much less support groups. Today, the number of women diagnosed and treated with BIA-ALCL continues to grow, but thankfully with the power of social media there are online support groups. You’re not alone, please join these online Facebook communities.

ALCL In Women With Breast Implants BIA-ALCL

BIA-ALCL Clinician / Patient Discussion Group