FDA 2018

In one week from today I will be testifying in front of the FDA in Silver Springs, Maryland for the 4th time alongside some of the most amazing women I have ever worked with, and now I call them my dear friends.

Most of you know my story and for those of you don’t I want to be a voice for you…I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy followed by chemo…I lost my hair, I lost my chest, but I did not lose my life, I thank God for that every day! In the following year after treatment I struggled with no chest, my husband always told me, “the only thing I see missing is cancer,” but I couldn’t see past that. I chose to reconstruct my chest after 3 different doctor consults and I finally met a plastic surgeon that took time to answer my questions and I felt comfortable moving forward. I chose an Allergen Silicone 410 textured implant that was approved by the FDA as a safe choice. I also signed up for a 10 year mandated FDA study to monitor my journey after implantation, I was dropped from that study right around the time I was diagnosed with my second cancer with no notification or reason why.

I was diagnosed on June 21st, 2013 with Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Lymphoma, a man-made cancer 100% from my textured implants! Yes, you read that right, cancer from my implant that reconstructed my chest after breast cancer took it in the first place. Just because I had breast cancer did not increase my risk for this lymphoma, it was because of implanting a textured implant. I was never warned, I was never notified of the risk, and my life was forever changed again from another cancer diagnosis, but this time was different…

We can find a cure for BIA-ALCL, by removing the textured implants from the market! Next week our hard work over the past couples of years will be set center stage, an Advisory Committee Meeting at the FDA about the safety of breast implants, and our voice will be heard again. FDA, PLEASE HEAR US LOUD AND CLEAR: REMOVE TEXTURED IMPLANTS FROM THE MARKET. 

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